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Quote: Originally Posted by Seronx View Post
Zen2 is TSMC's 7-nanometer node with High Performance Computing standard libraries. Zen3 which is next year[2020] will be on the 7-nanometer EUV node.

Matisse/Rome = 2019, Zen2, TSMC 7FF(DUV)
Vermeer/Milan = 2020, Zen3, TSMC 7FF Plus(EUV)
Thank you for answering the question. The reason I asked is because I was under the impression that EUV was the holy grail of nodes, yet Mark Papermaster says that Zen3 will only be a incremental update over Zen2. I personally would have expected 7FF+ EUV to bring a huge improvement over 7FF DUV. Unless Papermaster is not that confident on EUV, or simply meaning no other changes to the architecture of Zen overall which I would still like to believe that EUV has a huge performance advantage over DUV.

Anyway I have a 2600X and will be mating it to a X570 motherboard. My current AM4 mobo has a broken 2nd PCIe slot and doesn't overclock (ab350 Pro4). Just starting to wonder if I should wait for the first EUV chip or just jump on the Zen2 bandwagon right away. I picked up the 2600X just last June so it is really new to me and runs great. Not positive that I need to replace it yet, and I been really wanting 7nm EUV for a long while now.
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