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Quote: Originally Posted by Adam Darling View Post
so I need some help, I've recently picked up a BIOS flasher like the one you have listed here, well the same one, now I've used it to flash a few motherboard BIOS's and its worked fine this is my first time using it on a GPU a P-106 that needs the bios replaced on it. no its not for mining it's for an accelerator card. I've found the BIOS chip as you said it has some paint on it, but I'm having the issue that anytime I attach the clip to the chip it will just outright disconnect from the pc until I remove the clip from the chip. whats your thoughts I've only tried on the one pc as I don't have another to do it with.
Like I said...the clip is a PITA. They just flat out suck. Except when they work. Which is not very often. Keep trying with it or try another method. Make sure you're using it correctly too. With everything plugged in/lined up in how it's supposed to be(adapter in the programmer correctly > clip in the adapter correctly > clip on the chip correctly).

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