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Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoodz View Post
Awful high voltage for DDR4 RAM, what's the RAM temps at 1.45v?
XMP profiles are ok with up to 1.5V you can find memory sticks with such profiles to buy, i don't think 1.5V is that high at all (there are people pushing 1.8V+ for bench marking into B-die sticks)
i'm not sure if i'll be able to measure the temperature, but they do not look hot/warm and there is plenty of airflow around them.

is the first time i have problems pushing this voltage in those sticks, i have a Intel setup if i move the sticks there they work fine at 1.6V with no issue.

RMA the board, new board arrived, same problem observed, maybe it's a bios thing

can anyone with X470 Taichi try the 1.5V and see if it works for them ?
let me know besides 1.5V DDR4 voltage if anything else was set
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