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Quote: Originally Posted by asefsef View Post
After doing some reading, I confirm SVI2 TFN value is the true CPU voltage.

Question now is: when people say "oh you should stay below 1.4v for the cpu" are the youtubers, gurus and forum posters referring to this voltage or the vCore?

I've seen AMD and MSI only mention 1.4v vcore for their recommendations, usually they're talking about how much to enter into the bios. So staying safe at 1.4v really means keep below 1.3v at the SVI2 TFN reading?

The CPU Vcore in BIOS is shown in HWINFO64 as CPU Core Voltage (SVI2). In my R7 2700, with a negative offset of 0.05V, SVI2 shows a spike of 1.425V. I don't sweat that if it goes over 1.42V recommended max volts of AMD. The lower the better, especially for the X versions, so long as your system stays stable.
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