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Achieving a quiet PC with decent cooling when needed?


I've had a Fractal Define R4 for a couple of years, and I've been quite happy with it for a very simple reason: using a semi-fanless power supply and some Noctua fans plus a D15 for the CPU, it's effectively silent while idling, which is my main priority.

The problem of course, is that the counterpoint is that it's fairly warm. Closed off top, dust filtering, etc... Mean that the interior can't really get the hot air out, which also means when working the fans have to spin out a bit, and while it's not at all loud, it still gets a bit noisy anyway. Nothing we don't know.

So I've been thinking about the possibility of improving on that. Now, of course, silence and air flow are opposed, you have to choose and balance the two. But maybe there are cases that manage it better given my components.

So, as I said earlier, my main focus is that, while idling, it has to be dead silent, or close enough (as in:hard to hear it over the ambient sound late at night, which is where mine it's at right now, making it effectively silent during the day).
But my second target would be getting halfway decent airflow once the fans get going, without much focus on noise.

So what I'm thinking is: given that idling I have very quite components (graphics card turns off, case and CPU fans spin at 4 to 5 hundred RPM, power supply turns off), maybe I can achieve the same level of silence at idle with a significantly more open case that breaths better?
I don't know, say a Meshify S2 if staying on Fractal, or maybe something completely different like say a Lian Li O11 Dynamic, that has the fans and drive cages on the opposite side to where I sit relative to the case (although I don't know if my D15 even fits in there).
But I also have to take into account the 2 hard drives, that spend most of their time turned off, but sometimes they'll make noise, which the padding of the R4 probably helps with, so maybe I would be better off going to an R6, and just opening the top when I need to let the hot air out, keeping it close when I don't for silence (which would be practical on the R6 and not on my current R4 because on the R4 the top parts blocking it are screwed).

I'm asking around here cause I guess there's people that have experimented with my sort of issues, and maybe can give me an awnser about my thoughts on the more open case with slow fans vs just a silence oriented case.


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