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RX480-580 Help maximizing power to performance ratio

I picked up a Gigabyte RX480 8GB for cheap and I'm looking to maximizing power to performance ratio. I've already upgrade the bios to the RX580 version and got it running super quiet at 1800RPMs during gaming. If someone can help to optimize this further, maybe a different bios settings or LoadLine Slope. I know I can up the powerlimit and get higher performance, FPS / Watts is the goal. 53FPS vs 60FPS is not worth jumping from a 87W powerlimit to a 145W powerlimit.

Lastly, I play Destiny 2 and it's very sensitive to overclocking. This is the highest stable clocks I could come up with, unless someone has a fix for that game. Thank you ahead of time!

(Max Power Saving)
906 / 1410MHz @ 750mV (155GB/s) Custom timings
Timespy GPU Score 2918
Firestrike GPU Score 10214

(Normal Gaming 87W PowerLimit)
1224 / 1800Mhz (204GB/s) Custom timings
Timespy GPU Score 3886
Firestrike GPU Score 13372

(Bios Settings)
GPU LoadLine Slope 38.7%

TDP (W) 87
TDC (A) 85
Max Power Limit (W) 87

GPU / Memory
(P0) 300MHz 750mV (P0) 300MHz 750mV
(P1) 906MHz 750mV (P1) 1410MHz 750mV (155GB/s) Custom timings
(P2) 1092MHz 869mV (P2) 1800MHz 869mV (204GB/s) Custom timings
(P3) 1116MHz 888mV
(P4) 1150MHz 913mV
(P5) 1176MHz 938mV
(P6) 1202MHz 963mV
(P7) 1224MHz 988mV

(Min) 1221
(Max) 1800
(Target) 60
(Acoustic) 906

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