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With 4 sticks you might require 2T for stability. On my setup with a deneb, which has a imc that usually clocks ram less, running 12 mismatched gb (4+4+2+2) I can't get it free from memory errors at 1600 C7-8-7 1T under a 240htt no matter ram voltage (while 2T does fine), even if it's OK at 1T with a 200htt, and in the past one of the pair of sticks alone did fine at Cl6 1T (good old psc). The other problem with 4 sticks is that you might require a tad more cpu_nb to keep things stable, but that also varies a lot with cpu.

To test ram in a harder way, you can use hci memtest (free demo) under windows, by launching 4 instances testing ~3456MB each (ensure you have that free ram so you don't swap from system drive, else reduce it a bit), and let it complete at least 100% coverage without errors (400-800% is ideal if you have the time). But keep in mind that everything else must be stable before this ram tweaking part.

If you're afraid to corrupt the windows partition when applying tighter timings and failing to boot it (it's extremely rare, but can happen), you can just run memtest86 after exiting bios, and set it only for test5 (it's the faster to find errors, but they only show after finishing a pass) and do 1 or 2 passes before booting windows and using the usual stress tests.

Also two quirks about this platform/bios:
1)when you go into bios and make a ht-link or nb_cpu multiplier change, then save and exit, it's possible that most times you'll fail POST on the next boot (with a stable setting) if your board doesn't force an extra reset (my 890GX and 790FX don't). You'll just have to press reset when it happens, and then the system will boot normally every time.
2)these asus ami bios have a annoying tendency to auto change boot order after you enter bios with a pen drive plugged and exit+save, by adding it to the bootlist in 1st position. So it might happen to you sometimes with your memtes86 drive, by showing a boot error message after you remove your pen drive when attempting to boot from hdd. This will require you to enter bios and select your correct drive again as the first boot device.

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