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Quote: Originally Posted by cssorkinman View Post
Certainly possible it wasn't completely stable , it's also a good idea to run it multiple times and average the results or kick out the high and low.

With first gen Ryzen I'd realize most of the gains by 2933 mhz - allowing the motherboard to set the timings for speeds of comparisons of 2133mhz and up.
Something wrong with 3DMark on my 2700 system. I ran same test on my R5 1600 and got 2.7M in DX 11 MT. Thing is, even in Firestrike, the 2700 used to get a physics score of 17K at stock, now just 12K. It does not ffect my games so no big deal.

Problem with the R5 1600, it won't run the Vulkan test. Just blinks. Could it be my GTX 1060?
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