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Quote: Originally Posted by damnson90 View Post
Is it possible that F8 runs worse than F4J for Ram overclocking? I can't get my FlareX 3200 Mhz Ram run on 3333 Mhz fast Ram Calculator preset. This was possible with F4J. I overclocked for 9 hours today...all failed with both tm5, Karhu, AIDA64 after 5-30 minutes. Tried so much. Nothing worked. I can only run 3333 with Auto Subtimings.
I too have this "problem", in the last bios I have always found a drop in the ram frequencies, I
was stable at 3481mhz cl 14-15-15-15 with f4, with the subsequent up to f8 always worse with gskill 3600c17 2x8 b -die.
Edit: I did some tests with patience, I arrived at 3481mhz safe ram, more frequency or lower timings is not stable in testing I think the best is 3276mhz fast (use bclk 102.4) for gaming (voltage 1.35v).

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