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Ok I updated the bios to the same version you have.
I did the memtest in windows and got no errors. I forgot to mention that before I oc'd the cpu, ram was running in single channel.
It only changed to dual once I changed things in the bios. Is that an issue?

It seems it's more stable with 1.3v cpu nb and 1.42 cpu. I still have way below average ram results in the benchmark, I could tweak things I guess but at 9-9-9-24 I should already have decent scores I think? Lowering timings wont give me +20% will it?

Yeah I noticed that memtest86 would start automatically if the usb drive was plugged which is a bit annoying but not a problem in the end.
I'm quite happy with what I've got except for the ram and the gpu temp which should be solved with new paste.

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