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Well, after spending all day trying to get Windows 7 to load properly and not crash, I had to give up.

Seems that ASRock and Microsoft does not want me to do it.

I had to update the MB to the newest BIOS to get it to even start to work.
I used Gigabytes hack to slipstream the drivers into the Windows 7 install, and it did install Windows and it started to work, but as soon as I tried installing any updates, the USB ports quit working. I also had random BSOD with several different errors.
I tried installing a 2 port USB in the PCI-e slot, and I did get it to work after manually installing the drivers, but it was intermitent, as well as getting more BSOD.
I even went up in the attic and dug out a PS/2 keyboard and mouse, and while it did work, it only has 1 plug, so it was either the mouse or keyboard. I could use the on screen keyboard, but that is not a long term solution.
I also could not get Windows to find the M2 drive, it showed up in the BIOS, but was not there to install the OS on.

I am going to return the ASRock board, and am getting a Gigabyte B450M. It seems Gigabyte is a little more supportive of Windows 7 with Ryzen.
If it does not work, guess I will need to find an older CPU that works with Windows 7 (and it sucks that I can't return the 200GE).

I had briefly thought of using my home server (Athlon II 210, Gigabyte 785GMT, 8 gigs DDR3) as the HTPC and using the new build for the server, but I will probably have the same issues, since I use WHS 2011 and it is based off Win 7/Windows Server 2008 R2.

Maybe I will use the server anyway and switch to a Linux based server option?

Why I fold:

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