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Ai Overclock Tuner [Manual]
eCLK Mode [Synchronous mode]
BCLK Frequency [100.2000]
BCLK_Divider [Auto]
Performance Enhancer [Level 4 (OC)]
CPU Core Ratio [Auto]
Performance Bias [Auto]
Memory Frequency [DDR4-3473MHz]
Core Performance Boost [Auto]
SMT Mode [Auto]
TPU [Keep Current Settings]
TRC_EOM [Auto]
TWR_EOM [Auto]
Mem Over Clock Fail Count [Auto]
DRAM CAS# Latency [14]
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Read Delay [15]
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Write Delay [14]
DRAM RAS# PRE Time [14]
DRAM RAS# ACT Time [30]
Trc [44]
TrrdS [6]
TrrdL [8]
Tfaw [34]
TwtrS [4]
TwtrL [12]
Twr [12]
Trcpage [Auto]
TrdrdScl [4]
TwrwrScl [4]
Trfc [332]
Trfc2 [Auto]
Trfc4 [Auto]
Tcwl [14]
Trtp [8]
Trdwr [7]
Twrrd [3]
TwrwrSc [1]
TwrwrSd [7]
TwrwrDd [7]
TrdrdSc [1]
TrdrdSd [5]
TrdrdDd [5]
Tcke [8]
ProcODT [53.3 ohm]
Cmd2T [1T]
Gear Down Mode [Enabled]
Power Down Enable [Enabled]
RttNom [RZQ/7]
RttWr [Dynamic ODT Off]
RttPark [RZQ/4]
MemAddrCmdSetup [Auto]
MemCsOdtSetup [Auto]
MemCkeSetup [Auto]
MemCadBusClkDrvStren [Auto]
MemCadBusAddrCmdDrvStren [Auto]
MemCadBusCsOdtDrvStren [Auto]
MemCadBusCkeDrvStren [Auto]
CPU Load-line Calibration [Level 3]
CPU Current Capability [130%]
CPU VRM Switching Frequency [Manual]
CPU Voltage Frequency [300]
CPU Power Duty Control [T.Probe]
CPU Power Phase Control [Power Phase Response]
Manual Adjustment [Ultra Fast]
CPU Power Thermal Control [120]
VDDSOC Load-line Calibration [Level 2]
VDDSOC Current Capability [120%]
VDDSOC Switching Frequency [Manual]
Fixed VDDSOC Switching Frequency(KHz) [400]
VDDSOC Phase Control [Extreme]
DRAM Current Capability [120%]
DRAM Power Phase Control [Extreme]
DRAM Switching Frequency [Manual]
Fixed DRAM Switching Frequency(KHz) [300]
DRAM VBoot Voltage [1.40000]
VTTDDR Voltage [Auto]
VPP_MEM Voltage [Auto]
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHA [Auto]
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHB [Auto]
VDDP Voltage [Auto]
1.8V Standby Voltage [Auto]
CPU 3.3v AUX [Auto]
2.5V SB Voltage [Auto]
DRAM R1 Tune [Auto]
DRAM R2 Tune [Auto]
DRAM R3 Tune [Auto]
DRAM R4 Tune [Auto]
PCIE Tune R1 [Auto]
PCIE Tune R2 [Auto]
PCIE Tune R3 [Auto]
PLL Tune R1 [Auto]
PLL reference voltage [Auto]
T Offset [Auto]
Sense MI Skew [Disabled]
Sense MI Offset [Auto]
Promontory presence [Auto]
Clock Amplitude [Auto]
CLDO VDDP voltage [Auto]
CPU Core Voltage [Offset mode]
CPU Offset Mode Sign [-]
- CPU Core Voltage Offset [0.12500]
CPU SOC Voltage [Manual mode]
- VDDSOC Voltage Override [0.93750]
DRAM Voltage [1.40000]
1.8V PLL Voltage [1.80000]
1.05V SB Voltage [1.05000]
Firmware TPM [Disable]
Erase fTPM NV for factory reset [Enabled]
PSS Support [Auto]
SVM Mode [Disabled]
Onboard LED [Enabled]
Q-Code LED Function [Enabled]
SATA Port Enable [Disabled]
NVMe RAID mode [Disabled]
SMART Self Test [Enabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
HD Audio Controller [Enabled]
M.2_2 PCIe Bandwidth Configuration [Auto]
PCIEX16/X8_1 Mode [Auto]
PCIEX4_3 Mode [Auto]
M.2_1 Link Mode [Auto]
M.2_2 Link Mode [Auto]
SB Link Mode [Auto]
Asmedia USB 3.1 Controller [Enabled]
USB Type C Power Switch [Auto]
When system is in working state [On]
When system is in sleep, hibernate or soft off states [On]
Intel LAN Controller [Enabled]
Intel LAN OPROM [Disabled]
Wi-Fi Controller [Enabled]
Bluetooth Controller [Enabled]
ErP Ready [Disabled]
Restore On AC Power Loss [Power Off]
Power On By PCI-E/PCI [Disabled]
Power On By RTC [Disabled]
Network Stack [Disabled]
Device [N\A]
Legacy USB Support [Enabled]
XHCI Hand-off [Enabled]
USB Mass Storage Driver Support [Enabled]
SanDisk Cruzer Glide 1.26 [Auto]
U31G2_EC3 [Enabled]
U31G2_EA2 [Enabled]
U31G2_E1 [Enabled]
U31G1_1 [Enabled]
U31G1_2 [Enabled]
U31G1_3 [Enabled]
U31G1_4 [Enabled]
U31G1_5 [Enabled]
U31G1_6 [Enabled]
U31G1_7 [Enabled]
U31G1_8 [Enabled]
U31G1_9 [Enabled]
U31G1_10 [Enabled]
USB11 [Enabled]
USB12 [Enabled]
USB13 [Enabled]
USB14 [Enabled]
USB15 [Enabled]
CPU Temperature [Monitor]
MotherBoard Temperature [Monitor]
PCH Temperature [Monitor]
T_Sensor1 Temperature [Monitor]
EXT_Sensor1  Temperature [Monitor]
EXT_Sensor2  Temperature [Monitor]
EXT_Sensor3  Temperature [Monitor]
CPU Fan Speed [Monitor]
Chassis Fan 1 Speed [Monitor]
Chassis Fan 2 Speed [Monitor]
Chassis Fan 3 Speed [Monitor]
W_PUMP+ Speed [Monitor]
HAMP Fan Speed [Monitor]
CPU Optional Fan Speed [Monitor]
AIO_PUMP Speed [Monitor]
Extension Fan 1 Speed [Monitor]
Extension Fan 2 Speed [Monitor]
Extension Fan 3 Speed [Monitor]
W_FLOW Speed [Monitor]
W_IN Temperature [Monitor]
W_OUT Temperature [Monitor]
CPU Core Voltage [Monitor]
3.3V Voltage [Monitor]
5V Voltage [Monitor]
12V Voltage [Monitor]
CPU Q-Fan Control [PWM Mode]
CPU Fan Smoothing Up/Down Time [63.8 sec]
CPU Fan Speed Lower Limit [Ignore]
CPU Fan Profile [Manual]
CPU Upper Temperature [70]
CPU Fan Max. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
CPU Middle Temperature [50]
CPU Fan Middle. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
CPU Lower Temperature [20]
CPU Fan Min. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
Chassis Fan 1 Q-Fan Control [Disabled]
Chassis Fan 2 Q-Fan Control [PWM Mode]
Chassis Fan 2 Q-Fan Source [T_Sensor]
Chassis Fan 2 Smoothing Up/Down Time [63.8 sec]
Chassis Fan 2 Speed Low Limit [Ignore]
Chassis Fan 2 Profile [Manual]
Chassis Fan 2 Upper Temperature [40]
Chassis Fan 2 Max. Duty Cycle (%) [80]
Chassis Fan 2 Middle Temperature [30]
Chassis Fan 2 Middle. Duty Cycle (%) [60]
Chassis Fan 2 Lower Temperature [20]
Chassis Fan 2 Min. Duty Cycle (%) [40]
Chassis Fan 3 Q-Fan Control [PWM Mode]
Chassis Fan 3 Q-Fan Source [T_Sensor]
Chassis Fan 3 Smoothing Up/Down Time [63.8 sec]
Chassis Fan 3 Speed Low Limit [Ignore]
Chassis Fan 3 Profile [Manual]
Chassis Fan 3 Upper Temperature [40]
Chassis Fan 3 Max. Duty Cycle (%) [80]
Chassis Fan 3 Middle Temperature [30]
Chassis Fan 3 Middle. Duty Cycle (%) [60]
Chassis Fan 3 Lower Temperature [20]
Chassis Fan 3 Min. Duty Cycle (%) [40]
HAMP Fan Q-Fan Control [PWM Mode]
HAMP Fan Q-Fan Source [T_Sensor]
HAMP Fan Smoothing Up/Down Time [63.8 sec]
HAMP Fan Speed Low Limit [Ignore]
HAMP Fan Profile [Manual]
HAMP Fan Upper Temperature [40]
HAMP Fan Max. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
HAMP Fan Middle Temperature [30]
HAMP Fan Middle. Duty Cycle (%) [75]
HAMP Fan Lower Temperature [20]
HAMP Fan Min. Duty Cycle (%) [50]
Extension Fan 1 Q-Fan Control [DC Mode]
Extension Fan 1 Q-Fan Source [CPU]
Extension Fan 1 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM]
Extension Fan 1 Profile [Standard]
Extension Fan 2 Q-Fan Control [DC Mode]
Extension Fan 2 Q-Fan Source [CPU]
Extension Fan 2 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM]
Extension Fan 2 Profile [Standard]
Extension Fan 3 Q-Fan Control [DC Mode]
Extension Fan 3 Q-Fan Source [CPU]
Extension Fan 3 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM]
Extension Fan 3 Profile [Standard]
AIO_PUMP/W_PUMP+ Control [Disabled]
U31G1_1 [Enabled]
U31G1_2 [Enabled]
U31G1_3 [Enabled]
U31G1_4 [Enabled]
PSPP Policy [Auto]
Fast Boot [Enabled]
Next Boot after AC Power Loss [Normal Boot]
AMI Native NVMe Driver Support [Enabled]
Boot Logo Display [Enabled]
POST Delay Time [3 sec]
Boot up NumLock State [Enabled]
Wait For 'F1' If Error [Enabled]
Option ROM Messages [Enabled]
Interrupt 19 Capture [Disabled]
Setup Mode [Advanced Mode]
Launch CSM [Enabled]
Boot Device Control [UEFI and Legacy OPROM]
Boot from Network Devices [Legacy only]
Boot from Storage Devices [Legacy only]
Boot from PCI-E Expansion Devices [Legacy only]
OS Type [Other OS]
Setup Animator [Disabled]
ASUS Grid Install Service [Enabled]
Load from Profile [1]
Profile Name []
Save to Profile [1]
CPU Core Voltage [Auto]
VDDSOC Voltage [Auto]
1.8V PLL Voltage [Auto]
BCLK Frequency [Auto]
CPU Ratio [Auto]
DIMM Slot Number [DIMM_A2]
Bus Interface [PCIEX16/X8_1]
RedirectForReturnDis [Auto]
L2 TLB Associativity [Auto]
Platform First Error Handling [Auto]
Enable IBS [Auto]
Global C-state Control [Enabled]
Power Supply Idle Control [Typical Current Idle]
Opcache Control [Auto]
Custom Pstate0 [Auto]
Custom Pstate1 [Auto]
Custom Pstate2 [Auto]
Custom Pstate3 [Auto]
Custom Pstate4 [Auto]
Custom Pstate5 [Auto]
Custom Pstate6 [Auto]
Custom Pstate7 [Auto]
Relaxed EDC throttling [Auto]
Downcore control [Auto]
SMTEN [Auto]
SEV-ES ASID Space Limit [1]
Streaming Stores Control [Auto]
ACPI _CST C1 Declaration [Auto]
L1 Stream HW Prefetcher [Auto]
L2 Stream HW Prefetcher [Auto]
DRAM scrub time [Auto]
Redirect scrubber control [Auto]
Disable DF sync flood propagation [Auto]
Freeze DF module queues on error [Auto]
GMI encryption control [Auto]
xGMI encryption control [Auto]
CC6 memory region encryption [Auto]
Location of private memory regions [Auto]
System probe filter [Auto]
Memory interleaving [Auto]
Memory interleaving size [Auto]
Channel interleaving hash [Auto]
Memory Clear [Auto]
ACPI SLIT Distance Control [Auto]
Power Down Enable [Auto]
Cmd2T [Auto]
Gear Down Mode [Auto]
CAD Bus Timing User Controls [Auto]
CAD Bus Drive Strength User Controls [Auto]
Data Bus Configuration User Controls [Auto]
Data Poisoning [Auto]
DRAM ECC Symbol Size [Auto]
DRAM ECC Enable [Auto]
TSME [Auto]
Data Scramble [Auto]
Chipselect Interleaving [Auto]
BankGroupSwap [Auto]
Address Hash Bank [Auto]
Address Hash CS [Auto]
SPD Read Optimization [Enabled]
MBIST Enable [Disabled]
MBIST Aggressors [Auto]
MBIST Per Bit Slave Die Reporting [Auto]
IOMMU [Auto]
Determinism Slider [Auto]
cTDP Control [Auto]
PSI [Auto]
ACS Enable [Auto]
PCIe ARI Support [Auto]
CLDO_VDDP Control [Auto]
HD Audio Enable [Auto]
Force PCIe gen speed [Auto]
Processor temperature Control [Auto]
Precision Boost Overdrive [Enable]
Mode0 [Auto]

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