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Quote: Originally Posted by SoloCamo View Post

From here:


That said, this is also paired with a 8086k at 5ghz using 3200mhz DDR4.

Do you really think your FX is going to put out these numbers? And I don't know about you, but under 40fps for min frame is kind of falling below 60fps.

Let's also look at the RT results of a RTX2080ti which as I'm sure you know since you own a $1500 one, is quite a bit faster than a 2070.


Again, good luck with RT on a 2070 when a 2080ti can't maintain 50fps at 1080p

see here:

I meant 1050, that was a typo. I used a 1050 as a dedicated PhysX card with my Dual 380s

That GamersNexus chart shows a 2070 averaging 136 FPS Hahaha, where is it below 60? On 4k!? I have my computer upstairs with the 2080ti for 4K HDR gaming. This one is MOSTLY for 1080p Ultra, and light 4K/3D gaming.

RT on the 2070, when done on LOW is fine. I'm not expecting it to run Ultra RT. RT was simply an ADDITION that helped push me toward the 2070 that the Vega 64 doesn't offer.
Also, the 2070 beat the 64 in a lot of benchmarks I saw, so there's that too.

Even a NEW Vega 64 was $420, plus a waterblock puts me RIGHT around what I paid for the 2070 with waterblock. I literally paid $50 more for a better card (The waterblock was a given with either card)

In the end, it was between this:

$420 for a used Vega 64 with waterblock (No warranty)
$420 + $145 for a NEW Vega 64 with waterblock (From Sapphire, so waterblock voids the warranty)
$469 + $145 for a NEW RTX 2070 with waterblock (From EVGA, so waterblock doesn't void my 3 year warranty)

After mulling it over in my head, I really wanted the 2070, and the ONLY thing holding me back was that it's going in an AMD themed case *slaps forehead and prays to Lisa Su for forgiveness*

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