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Quote: Originally Posted by SoloCamo View Post
The goal posts keep shifting. It clearly nosedives for the min fps.

Regardless, enough of this. I'm glad you are happy with your decision and wish you the best of luck with your build.


Again, if it turns out to be a bottlenecked mess, then I'll upgrade to Ryzen. I'm not too stubborn to admit when I'm wrong, but I love my 8350 and I spent A LOT to get her to 5.1 (Expensive loop, 3 mobo upgrades to feed her, and tons of case/socket mods) so I'm reluctant to admit she was dead when I bought her and I'm hesitant to admit that she might need to be retired. This 2070 may be the push that gets me to make the jump to AM4.

Anyway, have a great rest of your week, and if this thread is still up, I'll update with stats when it gets here
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