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Quote: Originally Posted by BTViolence View Post
Nobody said he was going to make a logical or smart decision, that's for sure.

As I've said, if it's time to retire the 8350, then so be it, but my final decision was based on the 590 numbers being so borderline in today's titles that it couldn't guarantee me what I wanted , and a Vega 64 being about the same price as a 2070 (with a voided warranty), I chose to jump ship to Team Green.

I like the idea of retiring my 8350 rig to my step son, or a beast emulation rig (I have a 6300 w/390 in the living room already running emulation station, but one in the bedroom would be nice) and moving the 4790k down here with the 2070, and just starting a new build around the 2080ti. BUT, that's ONLY if this 2070 doesn't do what I need it to do, and turns into a bottlenecked mess.

The new build will most likely be Ice Lake, so it's a ways off anyway.
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