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Overclocking Question

Hello and thanks for reading.

I recently setup a new PC with a Ryzen 5 2600. I'm using an ASRock X370 Killer board. I was able to use Ryzen Master to test some overclocking of the CPU and I'm a little confused. I was able to clock the CPU to 4.2ghz at 1.20 volts and "apply & test" without issue. But running Cinebench, I had to give the cpu 1.325 volts. It stuttered at 1.300 volts but ultimately froze (crashed immediately between 1.2 and 1.3 volts). I was able to do some other things when I was testing 4.2ghz at 1.20 volts, simple tasks, web browsing, watch youtube, Excel spreadsheets, etc.

Running Cinebench with 4.2ghz and 1.325 volts my CPU temp peaks at about 55c. Is there other software that I should be testing to see if this is stable enough for regular use?

Ryzen 5 2600
ASRock X370 Killer Motherboard
Corsair H110i AIO
16GB (2X8) Corsair Vengenace RGB DRAM 3000 (running at 3200)
Corsair 760T Case (I know this is a big case but I got the case and cooler for a steal)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My old hard drive died and so the software I ran when I set up my last PC about 4 years ago is gone and I don't know what are the typical tests now.
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