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Any remarks on installing a 970 EVO 500GB? (I found one used at a good price and want to use it as a system drive only)

I'm using most of my SATA ports (if that even matters)

I have my GPU in the first slot, nothing on the second, a Firewire card in the third small slot, a network Wifi card in the four big slot (where you'd put another card in an SLI setup)

Is there anything I should care, or something preventing me from installing that NVME card on this MOBO?

My GPU is watercooled and my case is ultra fresh inside all the time, so I foresee no temp problems.

My 1800x OC
Win10 Pro / PRIME X370 PRO / 1800x @ 4.05Ghz - BIOS 4012
TPUII / 40.5x / 1.425v Vcore / SOC 1v
CPU LLC3 and SOC LLC3 / CPU and SOC Phase control = Extreme / CPU Current Cap. 130% BIAS=CB11.5 (CB15 score 1780)

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