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Tested out BCLK... just started but.

120 bus speed booted.

edit: 130 bus speed works...

just to figure out what fun one can have with this.

EDIT2: seems PCIe still runs 16x 3.0, so it seems isolated apart with the bus clocks for CPU & PCIE. Good to know

EDIT3: After trying to high (140) I had trouble get back to 130 bclk, You have to ease your way to it and can't just push high right away. Basically try 5Mhz increments at the beginning to see if it sticks otherwise you just get regular 100 bclk. The motherboard needs to go trough some "try it" functions it seems at some clocks and set something for this to function properly.
Well after some retries I got back to 130 and then tried 131 which still was ok then I tried 133 and it booted and started to load windows at which time I got a image corruption and then a loss of video signal. Seems I've reached the limit. Reboot failed and had more trouble than usual to get a cmos-clear to work. Had to do a complete power off.
So around 130 bclk is possible without going overboard with any voltages. This gives me some more things to try at some later date.

EDIT4: Found out there is a limit to RAM speeds. Go above 3200Mhz whatever the ram-divider or bus-clock you get the same issues as when you try it the conventional way. Outright seems to refuse it for some reason. Maybe why 133 bclk didn't work too well earlier. Was ~3200Mhz there with memory.
Bummer was trying to see if I could clock memory higher this way but same problem came about.

Otherwise I'm not seeing issues running higher BCLK other than some software expect 100Mhz reference and report it wrong.
You have to use manual memory timings as the board will try the to go too low in AUTO (using the lower memory speed timings for the higher speed gained with the bclk)
I don't see any specific "gains" yet seems to perform very similar to same clocks/speeds when matched going it the usual way. Maybe a small boost but nothing dramatic, still unverified with A/B testing of any meaningful sort.

I'm surprised to find SoC voltage doesn't seem to matter with bclk, maybe you need a little extra Vcore but nothing special. 1-2 extra notches at 4050mhz core using 120 bclk.
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