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Quote: Originally Posted by tpi2007 View Post
Maybe next Intel will come back with the original, in order architecture Atom cores, take out HT, just to make sure, clock them up to ~3-4 Ghz, and put, say, 6 of them next to the big "Core" cores on desktop CPUs and call them a security feature for home banking and general log-in purposes. As a bonus for lightweight browsing, media playback and older games, you can use these more power efficient cores alone and save the planet a bit. Great PR for Intel right there.
There is a video that predict Intel will crush AMD Zen 2 in their next gen CPU.

Basically Sunny Cove is just Core architecture revamp, but that alone will not crush AMD, it is the move to 3D stacking CPU chips that consist of a big core, stack on top 4 smaller cores with very low latency huge cache, and combined with new core architure.

But then again who will buy the expensive Intel with all their security loophole? lol.

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