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Quote: Originally Posted by WannaBeOCer View Post
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so you make a fuss about staying with amd and then go team green lol.. this whole thread is either one big troll or you are just really that ignorant.. and why would you ever get ice lake.. have you not seen the leaks for the new zen 2 cpu's lol.. 9900k smasher.. for half the price.. ice lake will not beat it clock per dollar.. anyway.. as others said that 2070 is overkill.. hell even the 64 would have been overkill.. if money wasnt an issues should have just gotten a 56 and called it good.. your 3d this and that and hair works etc is just dumb.. 3d was a fail.. and ray tracing is pointless right now.. i got my vega 64 liquid cooled cards for $1000 for both a month ago.. havnt looked back vega 7 was ehh.. navi wont be until the end of the year... when your pc is bottled look for the new zen 2 chips coming in a few months!!! Im waiting for the new threadripper 3850x towards the end of the year and maybe some faster ram.. AMD Forever!!!
He's on a tech forum, the RTX 2070 is the better card and he gets a warranty. We still have no clue how Zen 2's gaming performance will be. There are a handful of games that perform better on monolithic processors than AMD's MCM chips by 20% at the same frequency. If this is a dedicated gaming rig get the card that uses less power, runs cooler, quieter and faster. We've already addressed he needs a new processor but he's holding off.

Your Vega 64s use 264w at stock and with +50% PL it uses 364w and most likely between 280-330w when undervolted each if you have them running in the 1700mhz range. How do I know? I bought a RX Vega 64 XTX(Liquid) at launch for $699.99 and was frustrated with the garbage AIO so I replaced it with an EK waterblock. I'm stuck with AMD cards because of a reason in my sig rig. I bought the Radeon VII with the expectation of needing a GPU block.

A RTX 2070 stock uses between 192w-230w when overclocked and 175w at stock. It's kinda of an easy choice and you won't need a waterblock for your RTX 2070 since most of the cards are quiet but if you have the money buy a block.

I honestly WANTED to find an AMD card I loved and made sense. It's literally an AMD branded case, red and black with the AMD logo on the front and HUGE on the side panel.

After weighing all my options, nothing from AMD felt right. I don't even think buying a Radeon VII would have made me feel good about that card. While I love AMD and always have since the days of 2300+ competing with Pentiums, I just don't think AMD's cards are even competitively priced anymore. Lack of features, poor performance, HUGE power draws, and all for around the same price as an RTX card? AMD isn't even the "budget" brand anymore.

I'm coming from dual 380xs and dual 390s, and EVERYTHING before that were AMD cards. The last Nvidia card I bought was a Geforce 5200! Back in like 2003. Every year it's the same thing, I hold out hopes for a card that will finally stick it to Nvidia, and it never happens.

We get a twice overclocked 480 and power hungry disappointment twin Vegas that can't even compete with the lowest card in Nvidia's RTX lineup, and they're all the same price!

Ray Tracing, Hairworks, PhysX, DLSS, better performance, less power draw. It just made sense for $40 more. When I ran my dual 390s, I had to buy a 1300w PSU just to power my system. THAT'S RIDICULOUS. Until AMD starts throwing some punches, I'm out and using Team Green.
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