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Quote: Originally Posted by WannaBeOCer View Post
He's on a tech forum, the RTX 2070 is the better card and he gets a warranty. We still have no clue how Zen 2's gaming performance will be. There are a handful of games that perform better on monolithic processors than AMD's MCM chips by 20% at the same frequency. If this is a dedicated gaming rig get the card that uses less power, runs cooler, quieter and faster. We've already addressed he needs a new processor but he's holding off.

Your Vega 64s use 264w at stock and with +50% PL it uses 364w and most likely between 280-330w when undervolted each if you have them running in the 1700mhz range. How do I know? I bought a RX Vega 64 XTX(Liquid) at launch for $699.99 and was frustrated with the garbage AIO so I replaced it with an EK waterblock. I'm stuck with AMD cards because of a reason in my sig rig. I bought the Radeon VII with the expectation of needing a GPU block.

A RTX 2070 stock uses between 192w-230w when overclocked and 175w at stock. It's kinda of an easy choice and you won't need a waterblock for your RTX 2070 since most of the cards are quiet but if you have the money buy a block.
i know we havnt seen final numbers on zen 2.. but from what we have seen things look promising.. and for about half the price of a 9900k i will take the slight hit.. i know what the vega's run at.. ive messed with clocks and under volting etc.. i got them fully knowing power draw.. but i like the way they look for one.. im on solar power here for two so power draw isnt an issue.. i also did the reg power mod and my slider goes higher if i want to.. but for gaming i normally have them set to 1700mhz+ on the core.. bumped slider to +50 and changed the fan curve.. set my memory to 1100mhz vol floor control at 1000mv... for rendering everything is the same but the power limit slider.. i also mine on the cards and have them set to 1577mhz core, custom fan curve, -23 power limit, memoty set to 1150mhz with a 1000mv voltage floor... cards sit between 55 to 60c.. and ive seen them get as high as 65c on a hot day.. not really sure why you have had issues with the aio's?.. mine seem to be working fine other than one of the fans vibrating a little.. i ripped off the "radeon" sticker badges they put on the fans also.. those things throw off the balance of the fan way to much. when i game wattage is +300 on my gaming profile, 220-240w on my rendering profile, and 200-205w while mining.. im happy with them.
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