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Folks, are you aware it's either fast CPU or CPU designed to force user pay for every usage of program, allow only commercial programs (or who's authors paid for certificate), and have design to be part of closed platform easily locked up from its owner.

I'm pretty sure a lot of commercial companies would love to rise price of PC to MAC, and do the same support as Apple. But the lack of security (and by PC being open platform) allows users to prevent that.

Yea, considering DDR4 RAMs were designed as they were, and RAM usage was designed as it was, it's no strange people like AIDA benchmark can get timing of various subcomponents. But I'm worried more about MASSIVE security hole called W10 random remote update, including CIA keyloger and copying all research data sneakingly behind scenes, than about stuff which just screams why didn't you made more stringent internet browser standard (current allows MASSIVE potential security hole called adblock blockers).

Basically properly enforced browser standard would prevent execution of adblock blockers by detecting them as scripts that are trying to avoid detection, or would block scripts as broken scripts that are trying to load nonexisting resource.

Security... There is price of security, it eats more watts to run program in secure environment, than on energy efficient CPU that is also extremely fast. What can be used to block harmful hacks, can be used to block one of last desperate attempts of users to unblock theirs PC from working.

As for that article, I find it bit outrageous researchers didn't bother to test Ryzen. Few decades ago a low paid researcher would run stuff on Saturday on his home computer with Ryzen CPU (which he bought because of curiosity how much AMD improved). Using old AMD designs which were known to be non efficient? When even AMD wasn't able to find how theirs old design wasted CPU cycles, how can an attacker?

I'm more curious how they could write into RAM, than I'm about if Intel can be affected by ROWHAMMER. Also I wonder why DDR4 were released in status that allows this. ROWHAMMER was know for a while, it was plenty of time for RAM manufacturers to improve standard.
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