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Quote: Originally Posted by 0razor1 View Post

I can run my 2600 w/ 3600 CL17 Kingston B-dies at 3.30 GHz no issue, barring showing CL18 in CPU-z (mobo page) despite being CL17 per XMP and manual override.

CPU: 1.40 (this will see some changes since I'm just at 4.1 GHz and I have an incoming 360 rad AIO)
IMC: 1.20 (what's the upper limit?)
Board: MSI x370 titanium (Feb BIOS updated I believe.)

Do advise on how to proceed. The 3600 ran at CL17 with my 6600k with a mild SA boost.
From what I understand you're WAY overdoing it on your VSOC... Most people recommend using like 0.9 to 1V TOTAL on the SOC not 1.2V... Try turning it down it might improve your stability. Ryzen+ needs way less voltage on the SOC than Ryzen1.

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