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Quote: Originally Posted by BTViolence View Post
Are you actually on water with the 64? Or are you just running the water BIOS on air?

I'm sorry, yes I am running water cooled using a Heatkiller water block. Gpu and HBM stay in the 40's while the hot spot reaches mid to high 50's

Quote: Originally Posted by WannaBeOCer View Post
First you have to understand that Vega 10/20 cards are advertised to run at their second highest power state all the time while the "peak boost" is their highest power state which is 1750Mhz on the Vega 64. The throttling temp is 65C on the liquid bios. The LC bios advertised speed is 1668Mhz so if you are getting higher than 1668Mhz than you are exceeding the advertised frequency.
Thank you for the clarification on the throttling temp. I think on air its 80 or 85 correct?

Also I've tried keying in P7 clocks and voltage into P6 so its the same (think I've tried all the way down to P2) and it doesn't seem to do anything on my rig. Something about AMD's GPU boost algorithm that just says NO. I've also noticed sometimes you achieve higher clocks if you don't touch anything but power limit vs putting in your own values for everything. Then also when you bump up the HBM clocks it affects core clocks and drops them some. Guessing its a power limit thing.

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