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Quote: Originally Posted by ilmazzo View Post
what's the point gaming on a 13'' monitor except for mine field? It will let you blind even more faster than onanism

I'm listening
You don't need to game on a 13"monitor.
You can use TB3->eGPU->Monitor, and play on a 27, 34, 40, whatever size and resolution you want, and get the full benefit of the big GPU.
Or you can use that eGPU for research.
Your only block will be the CPU, and many laptop CPUs can be good enough for gaming even on 4K in some games.
And of course super fast storage, full laptop power, etc, that comes and available from TB3.

Regarding latency, for eGPU, it's negligible. I am currently testing RTX 2080 in eGPU, and its fantastic. As as long as it comes either though high quality chip or straight to the CPU, you do not feel the latency.

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