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Quote: Originally Posted by Rubixxcon View Post

I am starting to get into programming so far ive only messed with python but I do love doing it ive done a few short basic tutorials and i have a few books im in the process of reading. Creating games is not my initial intention but one of my books comes with short games and i thought that would be a good way to start...create a project it works get more excited so on and so forth. Now I saw someone talk about arduino and a recommendation of LED. I think it would be something i could enjoy doing for my kids make something need with lights and i wasnt sure if thats something that i need to get a bunch of knowledge under my belt or is that a relatively easy beginner project.

As of right now i can look at a lot of the coding and understand its process but i am not at a point where i can say i want to make this and write out the code just yet.
With Arduino its easy to turn LEDs on and off. You could also buy a LED controller so you can control much more LEDs than the Arduino output pins supoort. Then you cam create a game of connect 4 with LEDs.
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