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Quote: Originally Posted by Digitalwolf View Post
I do wonder why they only listed the one AMD CPU. The text in that area of the actual article explains what is going on and how it's Architecture based. So either they simply didn't test Ryzen and it could be affected or... they didn't bother because based on the research they already knew what the outcome would be.
Or they were requested/paid not to. Or they just didn't have one at hand and didn't bother, since finding it in intel is enough for them to release the paper.
Considering intel were rumoured to pay some no body security firm to try and find a bug in AMD, I wouldn't rule that out until they or someone else, tested other AMD family chips.

Considering the AMD one is from 2012, and a lot has changed with AMD since in term of design, it doesn't make sense not to test at least a cheap one from current gen.

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