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2080Ti lightning "Dead" after XOC bios Flash.

Hi guys,
Today i want to share my experience with flashing XOC bios so u wont make same mistake. I tried to flash XOC Asus bios on MSI lightning, because why not ? i can get no power limit for free... and what can happen ? They share same IC MP2888 and if something bad happens i can always switch to second bios, well seems like i was totally wrong.

First i flashed the XOC bios without problems, restarted PC and i immediately saw something is not good, card was stuck at 1350mhz core clock (safe mode), core voltage was also stuck at 0.7V and power limit was not showing. I reflashed back stock Msi bios but that didnt help, so i switched to second bios, also didnt help. I already tried to flash few other bioses, nothing helps so please BE CAREFUL with flashing XOC bios, i was stupid and now im paying my price. Card is still stuck at 1350mhz.

- UPDATE - Card is working again !
Today (10.3.2019) I managed to get the card working again, everything is fine and working 100%. How ? The issue was that i had the card on watercooling and Msi somehow programmed the card to be stuck in safe mode when you flash card without cooler fans plugged in (i flashed XOC bios on waterblock so obviously there wasnt any fan plugged). So now card is fully working on stock cooler without problems.
So to summarize - Asus XOC bios is fine, will not brick your card unless you do something stupid ( like flashing bios on water ? LOL MSI *** protection)

- UPDATE 2 -
(13.3.2019) After everything working for few hours I benched card with XOC bios at morning, i played few games till evening and now i woke up and card is stuck at 1350mhz (safe mode) again, so i had to again plug back all cooler fans and switch to second bios to fix it.
What it means ? MSI card somehow is scanning everything on PCB, checking for "dead" voltages or malfunctions and if it detects something like unplugged fan (my case because im on waterblock) it again starts safe mode.
Conclusion : If u have lightning on water be aware of this "issue", until MSI fixes it you cant really run Lightning on water without plugging fans back after few restarts or (maybe) random gpu check (???).

- UPDATE 3 -
(22.3.2019) As MSI has confirmed issue we got vBios that is supposed to fix this, though be aware it disables RGB on card
LINK : https://www.dropbox.com/s/e2c9lawzvr..._FanRF.7z?dl=0
- UPDATE 4 -
(4.4.2019)MSI has also made LN2 bios which is bug-free. link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/8s0vewi7gg...RF_Ln2.7z?dl=0
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