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Quote: Originally Posted by J7SC View Post
Thanks for the info ...impressive results on the 2990WX and its cooling.

I am not the right guy to give advice about adding extra rads, though ...my 2950x has dual XSPC 360 rads and dual MPC 655 pumps, and I am just leak testing the setup for dual Giga Aorus 2080 Ti WB which consists of a further three XSPC 360 rads and two more MPC 655...'in my defense', we had all the water-cooling equipment (with the exception of the Heatkiller IV TR4 block for the CPU) laying around doing nothing in the store room for years... Personally, I figure you can never have enough cooling
I caved in and put my 2080ti FTW3's under water. Now my loop looks like this: Dual D5 pumps -> 2990WX with XSPC TR4 block --> XSPC EX360 rad ----> 1080 Phobia Nova ----> 2080ti's ---> XSPC RX360 -----> back to rez.

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