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Quote: Originally Posted by miklkit View Post
You went with that far with bclk and it is stable? I was told not to go too far and stopped at 103. Did that disable the P-states?
Yeah it's stable with limited testing I've done. P-states work and the processor clocks down in idle, but XFR/Boost clocks aren't used at the moment as I use a fixed multiplier with a offset voltage adjustment. (basically P-state OC but you can't set the other states except the highest one(AUTO mode, gigabyte allowed full P-state OC mode with all states available for tweaks))

They who warn about it are worried about corruption and whatnot. Not all boards handle this the same.
This board seems to separate bclk and PCIE frequencies though don't know how to verify at the moment other than to say the regular software still report gen 3 speeds are used with 130 bclk. (this can't be chosen in BIOS as some other boards can do)

As mentioned earlier my graphics card craps out at 132 bclk. no video and a error message is shown on the debug display on the board which has no explanation in the manual.
*I can verify 131 bclk is the highest it will go and still work/display. (some other graphics card maybe can achieve better results)

There is a trick/requirement to get higher bclk working, you can't use the SATA port 0/1, use the last ones first 4/5 for example. You will get a freeze and debug message on your board not getting trough POST, it gets stuck on "IDE detect" if you use the first ports on your motherboard.

Did a retest with AUTO multiplier to see if PBO/XFR would work together with the increased bclk and it does!
I went as far as 112 bclk for a XFR speed on single core 4.200Ghz but the voltage needed was too much so 110 BCLK with PBO/XFR works on my sample for a single core 4.125Ghz speed. (~1.550V max)
It's a bummer the all core speed is so slow compared to the single core XFR speed, isn't a recommended combo for a Ryzen 7 1700. CPU benchmark scores aren't impressive at all as such, better to do a fixed multi with CnQ/p-state lower clocks working for idle speeds.

Maybe someone with a better binned PCU could get better results with lower voltage and higher speeds. I don't really like going 1.600V for 4.2Ghz XFR...

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