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Quote: Originally Posted by bl1tzk1213g View Post
Bought a used Gigabyte Vega 64 LC. At the sane time, i have a sapphire nitro+ coming in the mail today. Price should be the same after selling the game codes. Both have binned chips. One is new, other is more limited edition?(LC)

Im leaning towards the LC due to looking awesome and possibly quieter. Also, will be much less of a hassle just rmaing the nitro back to newegg.

Id still like to hear what you guys think.

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How do you even sell the game codes? Last time I bought a card that came with a "free" game the code was non-transferable and tied to my email address. And no way it's actually worth $50-60 for each game when the games have been out for a while and feature microtransactions. I refuse to support microtransaction/lootbox junk so I ignore the "feee" games when comparing offers, and never redeemed the codes.
I also heard they subtract the "value" of the games if you ever need to RMA the hardware.

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