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Quote: Originally Posted by TwilightRavens View Post
I mean, I ended up snagging a used 1080 for $371 shipped and most of the time it is faster than Vega 64, reason I say that is because I do tend to be more of an AMD fan than Nvidia as I was seriously considering jumping from my R9 290X to a Vega 64, but just everywhere I looked the 1080 was just cheaper and not by like a few dollars but sometimes upwards of $70. So I ended up with it instead. I mean the Vega 64 isn't a bad card, its just extremely power hungry. The RX 590 is just a rehashed RX 580 with a higher factory overclock, so my recommendation would be to either wait for that to go on sale at RX 580 prices, get an RX 580 for really cheap or look at a 1070 ti/1080 as those are hovering around the same price with about a +/-5% performance gap 9 times out of 10. But if you are a die hard AMD fan like me to an extent, the options are really few and far between which is why I ended up with a GTX 1080 instead of a Vega 64 because the prices just aren't there where they need to be to be compelling.

It's true. V56 is the only price for performance oriented card when it's on sale. 1080s are very cheap on eBay and FB right now. However, if you like tuning your system, the 1080 just doesn't do it for a lot of us enthusiasts.

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