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Hey guys,

I'm back after taking some suggestions and I think I have a really really bad problem. My PC boots fine for now, and I have upgraded the bios to 5.10. Everything seems to be fine on stock, but once i try to tweak anything it just bootloops 3 times and goes back into the default settings. Currently I'm on 3400 mhz on my Ryzen 2600.

Before I left for my month long vacation I could overclock that guy to about 4.1 ghz at 1.4v. Now when I try bumping it up to 3.5 ghz the system goes into a bootloop and resets to default.

I had the same issue before I updated my BIOS from 4.80, thinking that it would solve my problem.

Touching the RAM settings also produce the same results (Constant crashing) I can't even load the default XMP settings.

I really don't know whats going on, but I highly suspect it might be a mobo issue. Anyone with any prior experience / fix ?
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