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Hey all.
So im on the verge of giving up and thought i might give a 16gb kit that i have one last chance before im selling it. I purchased a 2x8gb g.skill trident z f43200c16d16gtzb for a great price. According to what i read its a samsung e-die, dual ranked (even though RTC reads it as single rank. Strange). For the life of me , i can't get it to work at 3200 with T1...only 2. It also has boot holes where itll refuse to post at lower speeds but itll post at 3200 (not stable though). I tried different tweaks according to the ryzen memory calculator...also voltage up to 1.48v. Nothing. I really don't wanna sell this kit, but so far I'm getting better results with my 2666 micron b die kit 😕. Any insight? Ryzen 5 1600, msi b350 gaming plus (yeah, its ****). Not the latest bios, but maybe from 2 months ago
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