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Quote: Originally Posted by white owl View Post
Told ya lol
Haha thanks man. I am still thinking I am gonna put an aio on this thing cause I figured I've gone this far, might as well try and give the card a good life with low temps and consistent performance.

Quote: Originally Posted by TwilightRavens View Post
I thought about getting a 1070 for my old 775 build since they are cheap but it would almost not even be worth it.
Ya know honestly, I am still impressed by that old platform. I have an Asus Maximus Formula II board that I did the lga 775 to 771 mod to and I am currently rocking a Xeon x5470 clocked at 4.5ghz with 16gb of ddr2. Just for the hell of it, I stuck in my 1080 before I sold it and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. There's some bottle neck right away guaranteed(and I didn't try a game like GTA 5) BUT, playing games like far cry 5, the witcher, doom, etc I was pleasantly surprised to see the CPU wasn't quite fully bottle necked. Not bad for a 4core/4 thread cpu heh

At 4.5ghz it was hovering around like 70-80% usage on average.
I thought straight away it was just gonna be at 100% straight up choking the life out of the graphics card. I even managed to get it stable at 4.7ghz. I went for 4.8 but it just wasn't having it. All on air too!(granted I do have one of those giant be quiet heatsinks in that system) And this was all at 1080p. I am sure the cpu usgage would drop going to higher resolutions.

Anyways, it still blows me away. There was a user on here I think his name was levithan? He was(and probably still is) rocking two 980 ti's in SLI with a heavy overclock and a Xeon x5470 and he was totally happy with the results playing in 4k haha.

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