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Quote: Originally Posted by Reous View Post
Bios 4406

Changelog should be the same as X470-Pro:
Update AGESA 0070 for the upcoming processors and improve some CPU compatibility.
ASUS strongly recommends that you update AMD chipset driver 18.50.16 or later before updating BIOS.
Nice! I just saw the new chipset drivers on the site when I checked for any BIOS updates, and here we are, a new BIOS version! Why isnt it showing up though on the official support page on the asus site?

Also, I have a modded BIOS, (might actually be yours). Can I just reset everything to default and update this new BIOS from the modded BIOS? Or should I change my modded BIOS back first to non-modded and then update to this new one?

(PS that AGESA numbering though.. Of course this is a new one, but their numbering method is very non-indicative in terms of being newer or older when you are not aware that the AGESA numbering 'resets' every time it updates for new cpu's.)
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