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Quote: Originally Posted by Reous View Post
Give the people time to put the bios into their website. Normally takes 1-2 days.

Yeah just load default settings and flash the new bios with EZ Flash 3.
Ah yea of course, but it was more like, how do you get a BIOS sooner than that ASUS can list it on their support page?

And thanks! Good to know that just resetting to default settings and doing the BIOS update like a 'regular' update should technically work.

Quote: Originally Posted by strumf666 View Post
Perhaps better not to flash?
Ah, damn, yea might wait up for a less 'beta-ish' AGESA update. I am always hoping for better compatibility and maybe even some slight performance increases in some cases with new BIOS updates/AGESA updates, but this doesn't seem to be the case though. I am not having any problems with what I am on now anyway (modded 4207) and my Ryzen 2600 is serving me well, so I would not need support for Ryzen 3xxx anyway (at least, not day 1, but you never know, an 8 core with higher clocks, or maybe even a 12 core is always welcome, for the right price).

Can the degraded performance be in any way related to Spectre/Meltdown fixes? This will be interesting, as Microsoft is now also testing new software solutions with even less of an performance impact (which was already practically nill for AMD) in the newest builds of Windows 10. Maybe this AGESA version has some fixes in this regard with the new mitigation-approach in Windows 10 19H1?
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