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Quote: Originally Posted by Offler View Post
I would re-test that using some real 3d game on high resolution.

Edit: @CarbonFire
These are "defaults", power set to minus 20, RPM set to maximum - rest is automatic.

Stress test settings:
MSI Kombustor - 1920x1080

Stress generation is Power Capped.
Ambient Temps: 21°C

IF temps on -20 settings even reach throttling temperatures in scenario above, the cooler would be inadequate. The goal should be to reach similar temperatures on Power +-0%.

This indicates that stock cooler is actually quite good, however it needs to be lapped and used with proper paste. This is fresh Arctic Silver 5, i applied it about an hour ago so it will need 2 more weeks to cure.
I would shy away from kombustor and furmark type tests that are more of a power virus than a realistic load. Firestrike stress test is great or a couple back to back runs of superposition?

It won't matter how well you lap the cooler, after 2 min on Firestrike Extreme stress testing it will be at 110C hotspot with a decent overclock and the card will thermally throttle for the rest of the test. The card was designed to run this way, like it or not. If you can get it stable enough to pass the FSE stress test, you will be fine for daily use and it will rarely hit over 100C in any games. With at least 3 cards now, with a properly lapped cooler, the settings end up around 2000-2100Mhz, 1150-1180mV, and 1200-1250Mhz using the reg mods with 99% power limit. This also depends on your tolerance for fan noise and the cooling in your case, but a fan speed around 60% to 70% seems fairly effective.
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