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Does your Norprene tubing do this to copper blocks?


After some back and forth I am going to say that it's likely NOT the Norprene tubing that has broke down in anyway but rather what I am seeing is an "extreme" case of oxidized copper. While visually unsettling it is not detrimental to the performance of the loop and completely normal.

There is disagreement as to whether this corrosion is normal or caused by my use of a silver kill coil and DI water vs a corrosion inhibitor/bio-cide solution for coolant.

My take: I prefer the KISS Method and don't trust cure-all solutions. So I will continue to keep using copper only blocks with DI water and silver and just deal with the visual issue of the oxide layer.


Broke down my for the first time in 3 years. Yupp it's been that long. My system sits under my desk and gets ignored. So don't let anyone tell you watercooling is high maintenance.

I've been using Norprene tubing with DI water the whole time and top of the loop maybe once a year. I have a small loop thick 120 rad, CPU and GPU blocks and custom res in an it's case so there never was much fluid to begin with.

This isn't the first time I have noticed this black staining on a cpu block while using Norprene tubing. I'm not really concerned about it since I'm going back to air cooling for the foreseeable future. I will likely just put it all back together staining and all when/if I go back to water again.

Loop has only had copper, stainless and chromed brass barbs and a silver kill coil in it. Hoses are probably 4-5 years old. It just as soft as the day I bought it and the only sign if age is the dirt layer on it.

I only ask because I'm curious if anyone else has had this experience. I vaguely remember it being a concerned that Norprene might leech color over time but it doesn't appear to leech plasticizer or break down like other tubing is known for doing.
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