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Quote: Originally Posted by white owl View Post
I totally agree, heat pipes have peaked and it seems like simply adding more of them or using more surface area provides diminishing improvement. The bigger towers do seem to do a little better when you're using CPUs that draw a lot of current but on desktop chips it would seem like adding more fins and pipes doesn't make the CPU any cooler.
It's kinda like idle temps, they're going to be about the same on a wide range of coolers, likely because the silicon and the oxide layer on top of it aren't great conductors of heat so they resist putting heat into the cooler.
It seems like we need a new type of cooling but IMO water is just too costly and large if you really want a step up from air.
If I'm ever flush again I may build a loop with the intention of keeping it around forever. The performance difference between EK's blocks and their knock offs are very small so rads and a pump would be my main cost...which is still pretty expensive if you want a long term pump like a D5.

how about the corsair aios? newest version apparently use the gen 6 cooler.

I might switch out my D15 for one of the h150i (gen6 360mm) due to unable to hold temps of my 5820K below 85c beyond 1.25v.

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