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Quote: Originally Posted by TK421 View Post
how about the corsair aios? newest version apparently use the gen 6 cooler.

I might switch out my D15 for one of the h150i (gen6 360mm) due to unable to hold temps of my 5820K below 85c beyond 1.25v.
I hate everything about CLCs, they remind me of toys from the $0.99 store. Even the best CLC made cools within 10% of the best air coolers while costing 100%-150% more and requires you to buy different fans if you want it to cool like what you see in the reviews and be a quiet as air cooling...which further jacks up the cost. Then there's the reliability aspect, I've seen way too many members here saying their temps have increased over a short time. Pump still works but not enough to be effective. I hate dealing with RMAs and I hate products that were made to be as cheap as possible and mostly sold on misconceptions and in some cases flat out lies.

AIOs would be an option but there aren't any that I know of that are as reliable as I'd like and they lock you into a little eco system of compatible parts.

For the $200 it would cost to get a CLC and the fans I'd be able to get a D5+res combo and probably the CPU block with some money left over. I could probably build a really solid loop for the CPU for well under $400 using a D5 and a thick 360mm rad. Then I can add a GPU block later for $25-$40.
If you wanted to cool you CPU and GPU with AIOs to significantly beat air cooling you'd already be well into what it would cost to build a custom loop.

Plus CLC's look so uninspired, so mass produced, so bland. All the people that make them are currently having an RGB/bling battle where they try to make them as tacky as they possibly can with angular body kits and small OLED screens and what not. I like the idea of RGB but hate the way it's marketed and used.

Quote: Originally Posted by SpeedyVT
If you're not doing extreme things to parts for the sake of extreme things regardless of the part you're not a real overclocker.
Quote: Originally Posted by doyll View Post
The key is generally not which brands are good but which specific products are. Motherboards and GPUs are perfect examples of companies having everything from golden to garbage function/quality.
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