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It almost feels like early April Fools' Day. This is bizarre, this late in the game. Then again, it was always an artificial decision to keep DX 12 exclusive to Windows 10 to get people to upgrade, since Vulkan works on Windows 7 and 8.1. Considering that Windows 7 just gained marketshare, maybe this is a desperate attempt by Microsoft to get the DX 12 train going faster. By all accounts, at this point in time, after 3.5+ years after release, DX 12 as an API is a failure in terms of adoption.

But this is a strategy that can backfire immensely. Considering Windows 7's marketshare and that they put 7 and 8.1 in the same bag for a lot of stuff, such as the artificial lockout of updates for Kaby Lake and beyond, despite the fact that Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake cores are architecturally the same as Skylake, and now that they will be providing up to three years of extra support for Windows 7 for Professional and Enterprise customers, why don't they just admit that Windows 10 has problems and extend the support for Windows 7 until 2023 for everybody, thus making it the same as Windows 8.1? Unless they come to their senses and change some fundamental aspects of Windows 10's user control and unless some miraculous transition to Windows 10 and / or Linux happens in the next few months, they are going to have a massive headache in January of next year. Also, are they going to leave DX 12 out of Windows 8.1?

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