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EVGA copper waterblock not fully contacting EVGA RTX 2080?

Hey guys,

I bought 400-HC-1189-B1 waterblock for my 08G-P4-2182-KR GPU but it seems like the waterblock isn't making fully contact with the GPU chip. Is this normal? I've checked to make sure nothing is blocking the plate but it's just simply not making contact unless I put on excessive amounts of paste.

The card + my CPU seem to be running high temps on 2 360 radiators.

I'm hitting 70C-75C under heavy load/stress testing with 5 GHz 9700k @ 1.265v and my 2080 having a +75 core and +700 memory overclock with +30% power slider.

The temps don't change a whole lot whether fans are up to 100% or at 50%.

This is my first custom loop so maybe this is normal? Just feels like the temps aren't as low as I was expecting.

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