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Quote: Originally Posted by Majin SSJ Eric View Post
I was just saying that ARM processors "Feel" like the future to me more so than X86, which go all the way back to the original 8086 in 1978.
ARM was introduced in 1985 so it isn't that much newer.

Edit: I suppose the answer is obvious, Apple could always add CISC like features, if something is taking a long time to run they can add a new instruction to accelerate it.
Edit2: Actually, at this point the difference between CISC and RISC is much less significant. I am not sure my simplistic view helps at all, Intel has been using a much more RISC like pipeline internal to the CPU for a long time now so I don't think x86 is fundamentally better even at the clock limit of the silicon.

It will be very interesting to see where Apple will be able to take ARM.

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