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Quote: Originally Posted by Apokalipse View Post
Most of the latency over USB comes from the protocol overheads.

Thunderbolt is basically just an implementation of PCI-E, which has much lower overheads, and DMA access.

And USB 4.0 seems to just be a rebrand of Thunderbolt 3.

The port just has the ability to switch back to the 'regular' USB protocol, rather than the PCI-E based protocol.

Anyway, Intel were supposed to have released the protocol a few months ago. I wonder why they didn't? To screw with the timing of AMD being able to implement it in Zen v2 chipsets?

Wasnt Thunderbolt 3 simply running over a normal USB 3.1 gen 2 USB-C port only using 4 of the lanes instead of 1-2 lanes? It would seem to me that any latency improvements TB3 has would also be present in newer USB that we already have.

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