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Quote: Originally Posted by rluker5 View Post
Try 1080p3d for a while. That will remove the chance the 1080ti is the bottleneck anywhere and expose the shortcomings of your cpu and probably monitor. Almost all monitor setups are lacking in crosstalk performance and 3d has an inherent shortcoming with depth of view that contrasts with 4k's strength of detail. Vr type setups and dlp are good for crosstalk, but the shallow depth of view kind of ruins a lot of the benefits of 4k. At least imo.
If you still think your setup for 4k3d is worth pursuing after a bit of the newness wears off, at least you will have a better idea of how much your cpu is holding you back in your uses.
Yeah so I'm on a C6 55" 4K passive 3D OLED. the crosstalk is actually good with movies. Games is where it veers off and i think its just invetable with games

As for 1080p3D. What tends to happen is that my CPU can't keep up. I know this because I have tried. Even at 1440p, Witcher 3 ultrad will dip in GPU usage. GTA V is the biggest issue because of some bug, it cuts CPU usage on 3D so it almost doesn't matter the resolution

Another thing to note, at 1080p, the games (at least Witcher 3) just doesn't look that sharp. I compromised at 3200 x 1800 to help with sharpness and get a little more usage from my GPU.

its a tricky situation. the 3D to me is worth it. but its stretching my 930 for sure.

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