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Quote: Originally Posted by white owl View Post
10 will grow...it has to. What I'm saying is that if MS would cut out the BS that everyone hates there won't be nearly as much resistance, people hear/see that Windows forces things on you by default and it's probably easier to never try and stay on 7 than it is to work with 10. I really feel like MS is the reason their own API is still totally dormant. They made a great product with a bunch of strings attached by default, even if they revert the behavior I think a lot of people would STILL stay on 7 because first impressions are everything but it would be a start. I beta tested it so I was watching the poop hit the fan but it's not possible for a piece of software to be evil or care about what it's doing so I looked past the devs and chose to make it work on my own terms. I'm probably 1% of 1% that did that though.

They might stop supporting 7 but that won't stop anyone from using it anyway. People hate 10 because it forces updates, so not receiving them for 7 won't be a big deal I wouldn't think.
Linus posted an interesting video on Techquickie about MS's overbearing updates policy with Win10 that I think does a good job of explaining exactly WHY they have chosen to go this route, despite the endless amount of flak they have received for it:

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