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Quote: Originally Posted by lightsout View Post
Its actually pretty good these days. MUCH better than it used to be. Plus they have some great original shows. Bosch is worth the price of admission.

Really hope amazon does not turn into another newegg, because that site is not at all what it once was.
Honestly cannot recall the last thing I have purchased on newegg... It's probably been years since I shopped there.

FWIW, as soon as they introduced taxes is when I stopped shopping at both places as frequently. The deals weren't anywhere near as good when you had to pay shipping, wait a while, or pay a 'membership' fee (I'd have gotten rid of prime, but $50 for the year is good enough for Prime Video; completely agree about Bosch, great show).

Living in a big city makes it easy to do that, no idea where I would be tech-wise without Microcenter and craigslist/offerup.
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