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Quote: Originally Posted by MilanceX View Post
Yup, I agree.. that one is the one using more than 4c/4t, I'm not saying having 4c/8t is bad, just currently don't have enough money to upgrade, and for now, since i have 60Hz monitor, I'll be playing in 60FPS mainly.. But yes, that one is interesting.. I'll definitely upgrade to i7-6700k or i7-7700k, just not atm. TBH money-wise, i literally traded FX8300 for i5-6600k (CPU, RAM, MB), so I thought, hey, big improvement, since FX series was not the best one ever, this seemed like decent "free" upgrade... And never really played games on ULTRA settings, was always on medium (due to CPU or/AND GPU bottleneck, but mainly GPU). Now i'll be able to play maybe like 90% of games on ultra of course after I get RX580 8GB or GTX 1060 6GB which will be in ~15 days
At that point in time playing BF1 , I had to clock my FX 8 core down to around 2.5 ghz to match the lows in FPS the 4790k without HT @ 4.4 ghz would get in the same 64 player server.

BF1 seems to have been dumbed down since then, but early on, it was very core friendly.

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