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Quote: Originally Posted by PontiacGTX View Post
Like physx?see how other engines or even havok achieve similar result without using nvidia propietary technology

Yea, exactly like PhysX except probably worse. With PhysX, Nvidia at least did really do something, they bought out Ageia which was a company that had started making dedicated physics cards. PhysX is really the rebranding of Ageia's tech into Nvidias umbrella. It was dumb and annoying for them to push it onto gamers the way they tried to, but it makes sense that they would try to do something with their inventment towards purchasing Ageia.

With ray tracing, Microsoft simply added the feature to DX12 and then Nvidia came along and tried to market it as an Nvidia only feature when its a totally agnostic DX12 feature. RTX = Nvidia branded ray tracing and not standard DX12 ray tracing, which is what the industry will have soon enough anyway and then it will just be all the more obvious that Nvidia tried to fool consumers that don't pay attention into thinking they invented ray tracing for games instead of just trying to brand an open platform feature as something specific to their brand.

You could then say, well Nvidia is first so for now RTX is a Nvidia only feature and technically that is true but RTX sucks right now so I'm not sure what Nvidia really gained from doing that. By the time it doesn't suck, they won't be the only ones doing it.

One question I have is, when AMD eventually releases cards designed for ray tracing, will the few RTX games stay RTX or will they get patched to support both? Or will AMD just be able to do RTX? Probably some time before we find out.

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